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Mary Cris Complex
Governor's Hills
Somerset Place
Sta Rosa Heights


Wedge Woods is the exquisite balance between nature
and a plush lifestyle, carefully masterplanned
for exclusivityEnter subhead content here


In WedgeWoods, west of Santa Rosa, Laguna, you wake up to a breathtaking view of rolling hills and lush terrain. World-class facilities add to the incomparable pleasure of living amidst nature in a carefully masterplanned community. Be comfortably close to notable schools, churches, hospitals and other establishments, assuring you peace of mind with everything you need just a few minutes away.

Here, a complete community awaits, with wide winding roads, lush expanses of mountain and sky, and all the comforts of home, life and lifestyle. Unhurried and unbound, but extremely private and completely well-appointed, WedgeWoods is the blend of country, city and civilization you've always wanted to have.

It is carefully masterplanned to lavish you with a lifestyle that completely cares for the mind, body and soul. Perfectly sized at 30 hectares, WedgeWoods is designed to be exclusive, providing utmost privacy and security to nurture intimacy and lasting relationships. Corner motif gardens with soft roundabouts and cul de sacs enhance the quality of the residential environment. Enjoy quiet walks around the neighborhood and view the nice landscaping which softens each road intersection.

WedgeWoods offers you and your family the many splendors of the good life you've always dreamed of




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